Ryan Ruffing

Photos by Seth Leinbach.

Age: 21

Origin: Franklin, WI

I started shooting pictures and videos of friends at the local ski hills. Every season as my friends progressed as skiers and snowboarders so did my skills behind the lens. We then formed Unaffiliated Productions, a group of skiers, snowboarders, photographers and videographers. You can find our work here unaffiliatedproductions.com. This is my personal site, currently I am a business marketing student at University Wisconsin-Oshkosh graduating May 2018. In addition to school I work for three ski areas as a marketing intern/coordinator. My work primarily focuses on content generation, social media management and day to day marketing activities. I shoot landscapes, portraits and commercial businesses. In short I am a skier, snowboarder, traveler, biker, golfer, etc. Just trying to have the most fun possible and sometimes documenting it with my camera. Feel free to contact with any inquires.